Garden Apartment Rental Tour + Free Image Download

Garden Apartment Rental Tour + Free Image Download

Here I am sitting in a brand new apartment thinking back on how for the first time ever, my last rental felt like home. I know, I know I’m crazy to move now after I’ve put so much work into my place, but I get equality excited for all the new projects to come. Here’s a tour of before and after photos of my garden rental.

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On My Bookshelf

I'm currently Reading The Happiness Project, (which is amazing) but here are some others that spark my interest for new things:

Inspirability, by Pash

How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul, by Adrian Shaughnessy

Astronauts on the Moon, by Hallmark

ABC, by Marion Bataille

Grid Systems, by Kimberly Elam

The Brand Gap, by Marty Neumeier

The Story of Earth & Sky, by Washburne: published in 1935 with this cute handwritten note in it :

"Danny - We hope the facts in this book will match your curiosity. Best success in your future studies. Sincerely Louis & Margery"

I just love old books.

Yes that is an old letter guide, how awesome right?