Date Night Jar

I have a friend getting married and instead of only giving them a card I decided to make a gift that would help them come up with creative date nights. I used popsicle stick and wrote out date ideas and colored them according to what season it was associated with. I even included some blank ones so they could create their own. Now they don't have an excuse to try something new!

Italia Memories.


The summer after my second year in college I had the great pleasure of studying in Italy (or vacationing). It was a trip with my fellow college classmates, most whom I didn't even know. I had all the images from the trip on my computer and never looked at them so I decided to make a couple photo books, one for each city. I had so much fun going through them all and compiling the books and now they are proudly displayed on my coffee table!


We flew into Milan, which turned out to be a lot like New York City, but with a gorgeous Cathedral. Then we rode a train to Florence (my personal favorite). In Florence we visited the Boboli Gardens, which are so stunning. I could have a picnic there every day. In Florence, we ate so much pasta and gelato, but it was so delicious you'd never get sick of it.


From Florence we traveled to Rome and saw the all amazing Colosseum. I literally was speechless. It is such an amazing structure and since I love history and all antique things this was the greatest place on the earth to be. We went through the Vatican Museum and saw the fantastic Sistine Chapel (in which I did get yelled at for talking to loud and taking pictures). All in all it was an amazing trip that I would recommend anyone do at least once in their life time.