DIY Tea Housewarming Gift

Hostess Gift DIY Tea Box Set

Recently one of my friends purchased their first home and I’ve always been taught never go empty-handed! I didn’t want to bring a bottle of wine or champagne, so I scoured Pinterest for an easy gift. For the first time, Pinterest failed me! Don’t get me wrong there were some great contenders, a pasta-dinner-date basket, ice cream basket, herb garden… the list goes on. I ventured off to the craft store thinking I would do a cute herb garden for them but stumbled upon this unique wood box that seemed like it would be perfect for tea!

DIY Tea Box Supplies

Materials Needed:

Extra Add-ons:

  • Serving Tray

  • 2 Coffee Cups

  • Shortbread Cookies

  • Tea Towel

The box comes unfinished which was a look I liked but thought it would look more modern with some easy finishing touches. Since it’s unfinished you’ll need to sand the edges to make them nice and smooth. I used painters tape on the edges for nice clean lines. I had some leftover Sharpie paint pens from my kitchen makeover, so I painted each of the pieces separating the compartments and added abstract lines on the lids. 

To complete the gift, I picked up a serving tray at Marshalls, two matching mugs, a tea towel, some shortbread cookies and a variety of my favorite teas. 

DIY Tea Box Sides Taped
DIY Tea Box Painted Sides
DIY Tea Box Painted Sides
DIY Tea Box Painted Top
DIY Tea Box Painted Top
Hostess Gift DIY Painted Tea Box
Hostess Gift Tea Bags Close Up
DIY Gold Painted Tea Box
Hostess Gift DIY Tea Box
DIY Tea Box Tea Bags

One of my favorite tea’s lately has been the Tazo Glazed Lemon Loaf, it truly tastes just like a lemon pound cake, perfect for when you’re craving some sweets!