From the Retro to Sexy.


From Retro to Sexy: DIY Makeover of Old Dinning Chairs

I just moved into my first place and I am in "starter house" mode you could say. Basically I want everything and just can't afford the nicest things my mind can conjure up. However, I am the type of girl that likes antique sand spicing them up. So when I got a call to see if I wanted this dinning room and chairs set for a super affordable price I was like sure, why not. I got them and man did they look like they were from the 70s.


Seeing as how I don't eat meat the leather (or pleater?) had to go. I removed the top padded section and already they were on their way to sexyville. I found this really bright red fabric and it was heavy duty feeling, so I knew it would hold up. I removed the bottom legs and used a staple gun (for the first time - let me tell you this could be a girls best friend) to attach the new fabric and voila - sexy new dinning set.