Basement Rental Kitchen: Before

I'm a firm believer that you need to feel at home in your rental. Just because you don't own the property doesn't mean you can't put a little money into your space. Sometimes you luck out and you have lenient landlords that let you customize your space (within reason). When I first looked at my basement apartment the first thing I asked was, "Can I paint? White/Light Gray?". Answer: "Yes!". Then, I started thinking of all the ways I can customize the space that fits my style. 

Before we jump into all the cool projects to bring this basement rental up to my standards, let me show you what it looked like when I moved in.

NOTE: I hate before/after projects where the before photos are so poorly lit so they look a lot worse than it it actually is. In this case, these before photos are very a accurate representation as to what it really looks like. The overall lighting is very yellow and dark!

The kitchen in this rental is a galley style kitchen. Since it's in the basement of a historic brownstone, I believe it used to be a hallway that lead to the back part of the house. The cabinets actually cut into a staircase that leads up to the first floor. Since there's no access to the first floor via the staircase, I currently use it as extra storage. 

There's only one section of counter tops with a set up upper and lower cabinets. The cabinets are metal from the 60/70's with rusted out metal handles. The countertop is a weird gray-blue flower pattern.

There is no vent for the stove so over the years, there's a yellow greasy residue on the walls and the cabinets. (I'm not sure if the previous tenant ever cleaned). I really like the metal cabinets due to how deep they are and tall. They can hold lots of storage which is great in such a small kitchen. 

There's additional shelving storage in a small closet type space at the end of the kitchen that also houses the refrigerator. Of course, the refrigerator looks like it's also from the 60/70's in the fact that it's yellow! I like vintage things but not mustard yellow fridges.  

There's also a track system to put up shelves on the opposite side of the cabinets. I'm hesitant to use them due to the fact that they kept falling down when I was moving in!

The lighting is horrible in the kitchen. There's two "pot" lights, one above the sink and one above the stove. They are really outdated and the light bulbs emit a very yellow hue. 

The floor is a typical peel and stick vinyl flooring you expect in most rentals, however it has chunks missing. 

I have SO MANY projects in mind to really get this kitchen looking great. Stay tuned.